Budget Cost:

We can provide a Budget Cost service, this allows customers to asses the expected costs of their proposed works at an early stage.

This service is generally provided at two stages of the proposed works:

Stage One:
Prior to any contact with Planners, Building Control or Architects, it involves a fairly short site inspection by ourselves at which time we can asses the potential works which are intended. This service does not give any Architectural advise however through our experience we can provide some guidance on the overall regulations.

The Budget Cost completed at this stage gives an overall expected spend figure, based on our interpretation of your requirements and current rates for material, labour and plant elements of the works.

Should you wish to proceed with this Stage One Service please contact us.

Stage Two:
On completion of Architects drawings and either prior to submission or on passing local Planning and Building Control Departments, at this stage the Architect whether provided by ourselves or your own Architect will have completed fully detailed Planning Drawings and separate Building Control Drawings.

We can complete a more detailed Budget Cost at this stage given the additional information, we can also provide Budget Cost based on Planning Drawings which are completed prior to the Building Control Drawings.

Should you wish to proceed with this Stage Two Service please contact us.

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